Introducing Amazon eero Pro 6E tri-band mesh Wi-Fi 6E router

It is important to know that when using Eero WiFi with an existing router, the configuration is correct and all necessary steps are taken to ensure a proper connection.

Eero can work with existing routers that are already in place in your home or business.  Although its main purpose is to replace existing routers, Eero can still work with other routers.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Eero Mesh WiFi system.  Now you want to connect it properly to your existing router.  Keep reading to find out what you need to do to make it work.

Eero Mesh Wireless System

The Eero mesh wireless system is a system that is used to help improve both range and performance of your wireless network.  This can be a tremendous help in places where things such as:

  • Layout
  • Size
  • Construction materials used in a building can hinder normal wireless capabilities.

Along with the Eero device, all users have access to the Eero mobile app.  This gives the user access to not only the Eero network, but allows them to create, manage, troubleshoot and even edit their network.

How to Connect Eero to Your Existing Router

While the Eero Mesh WiFi is made to replace your existing router, it is still possible to connect it to your current router.  There are currently two main ways to do it, bridging your Eero or Double NAT-ing.

Adding Eero to your existing router by either one of these two methods will ensure that things are hooked up properly and working the way that you need them too.  It is important to know that both of these methods will require you to have the Eero App installed on your phone and ready prior to setting up.

Bridging Your Eero

Creating a bridge between your existing router and your new Eero router is a simple way to allow your current router to control the connection you have between your network and ISP.  It is important to note that when you bridge these two devices, you may end up losing some of Eero’s advanced features.

The other thing to note when using Eero in bridge mode is that you can lose the ability to control your Eero from the app.  To enter into bridge mode do the following:

  • Open your Eero app and click the setting icon
  • Click Advanced
  • Click DHCP & NAT
  • Change from recommended Automatic to Bridge or Manual
  • Click Save

Double NAT-ing Your Eero

The most important thing to remember is when double NAT-ing your Eero that you should not plug this router directly into your existing modem.  Instead, make sure that you connect your Eero to your router.  There is a difference between these two devices.  If, however, you have a modem/router combo, then you are okay to plug your Eero into this device.

Once you have connected your Eero to your router, follow the steps to finish the installation:

  • Open your Eero app and click the setting icon
  • Click Advanced
  • Click DHCP & NAT
  • Change from recommended Automatic to Bridge or Manual
  • Click Save

Remember that you need to use the SSID and password that is located on your Eeros and not the one on the router when setting everything up.

Using the Eero App

Once you get your Eero device, you also get access to the Eero app.  The Eero app is used in conjunction with your Eero device.  Compatible with both Apple and Android phones, this app is needed whether using the Eero alone or with your already existing router.

Once you have your Eero connected to your router, you can now add it to your app.  The app will look for the Eero and following the prompts on the app you can finish setting up your new device.

This app is used to help you manage your Eero and gives you the potential to see and manage all the connected devices on your network.  This is a great tool for troubleshooting, creating new accounts, or ensuring that only allowed devices are on your network.

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