Will a smart TV work without internet connection?

Will a smart TV work without internet connection? Yes, your smart TV will work fine without an internet connection. You will be able to watch TV channels with a cable box or antenna, connect Blu-ray/DVD players, hook up speakers, etc – just like a regular TV. You will not, however, be able to use any of the video streaming apps that come with it.

How do I connect my TV to the Internet?

Assuming that you do, here are two ways to connect your TV to the Internet: The majority of smart TVs today come WiFi enabled, meaning you can simply connect by entering your WiFi network name and password on the TV. To do this hit the Menu button on your remote and then go to Network Settings and Set up a wireless connection.

Do I need an internet connection to update my TV?

But without an internet connection, you won’t get them. This isn’t a deal breaker, since most of these updates are just “nice to haves” and not mandatory for your TV to work, but you should at least be aware of them.

Smart TVs are the new staple in homes around the world – equipped with everything you need to watch your favorite shows and listen to music. Insignia TVs are one of the most popular brands in the U.S. and offer a wide range of specs and features. But how much can you get out of an Insignia TV when the Internet isn’t available?

You still have some available capabilities without the internet on Insignia TVs, such as:

  • Access to cable TV
  • Play video games with a connected console
  • Use a DVD player
  • Play any downloaded media

In this article, you’ll learn more about what your Insignia TV is capable of when it has no internet. Read on to find out more!

Can You Get an Insignia TV If You Don’t Have Internet?

The truth is, you get more out of Insignia TVs when you are connected to the internet. The Smart TV capabilities are meant to help you use your favorite apps for movies, TV shows, and music streaming services.

If you don’t have internet, you can still use an Insignia TV for video games on a console that doesn’t require internet to play games and play DVDs if you have a player. You can also still access cable if you have it connected to your TV.

How to Connect Your Insignia TV to the WiFi

If you’re wondering why you can’t use some features on your TV without the internet, it might be because you haven’t set up your WiFi yet. Connecting your Insignia TV to your WiFi should be simple. You might run into issues when trying to connect, but they are easy to troubleshoot, which we have outlined later.

Here are the steps to connecting your home WiFi network to your Insignia TV:

  1. Press the Home Button on your Insignia TV remote.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” by using the arrows on the remote.
  3. Select “Network” and then click “Wireless”
  4. Available networks should appear on the screen. Select your home network.
  5. Type in your password using the on-screen keyboard.

This should complete the connection to your home WiFi network.

Issues Connecting Your Insignia TV to the Internet

The above steps should complete the process of setting up your Insignia TV, but sometimes you might run into issues. This problem is not unique to Insignia models – all TVs can have this issue from time to time. But, how can you fix it? Keep reading to find out.

What to Do When TV Won’t Connect to WiFi

There are a lot of reasons your Insignia TV might not be working. It could be that there is a bug in the software or it could be outdated, the Domain Name System (DNS) could be improperly configured, or there could just be an issue with your modem or WiFi network. In any case, there are things you can do to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

If you find yourself having issues with connecting to the internet, follow these steps outlined below:

  • Turn off your TV and restart using the power button on your remote.
  • Improve the WiFi signal by moving the modem closer to the TV or moving anything that could be blocking the signal.
  • Restart the router by unplugging it and simply wait 2 or 3 minutes before plugging it back in, then try to connect to the WiFi again.
  • Update your Insignia TVs software by pressing the home button on the remote and opening “Settings,” and then select “System.” Select the “Check Now” option and your Insignia TV will check for updates.

These steps should work when you are having other issues with your Insignia such as prolonged buffering or if you have apps that aren’t working properly.

Call Support

If after these steps are complete and your Insignia TV is still not working properly, you may consider calling the location you bought it from and asking for a replacement or to have some come out. Places like Best Buy normally have a team of people who are dedicated to helping customers with issues like this.

If you need to contact Insignia support correctly, you can use these methods:

  • United States/Canada Number: 1-877-467-4289
  • Mexico number: 01-800-926-3000
  • Email

Now you know everything about using an Insignia TV without the internet.


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